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Bespoke one to one Coaching

To ensure that any rider becomes the best they can be requires commitment from both rider and coach.  Such commitment is very time consuming for both and not something that can be achieved by shortcuts.  To plan, put in place and deliver a bespoke training programme is not something that can be force fit into some kind of pre-defined package, which limits interaction and review in any way.  The workflow and process will be the same for all, however, specifics, content and delivery are unique to every rider.


The key steps of the workflow are:

  • Identify and define goals and objectives.

  • Physiological testing if/as appropriate.

  • Build individual physiological model.

  • Identify areas of strength and weakness.

  • Structure long term programme.

  • Training programme built to maximise adaptation.

  • In depth data analysis to fully understand progress and future requirements.

Due to the time involved, the number of riders that can be coached on this basis is strictly limited.

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Performance Testing

All undertaken and included as part of coached programmes.  Also available as standalone services:

  • Full Metabolic Profiling.

  • Blood Lactate Testing.

  • Vo2 Max Testing.

  • Critical Power Testing.

  • Physiological Modelling.

Generalised Training Support

Bespoke coaching is not wanted, or needed, for many riders and as such there are numerous ways to support and coach riders effectively. Depending on individual circumstances and requirements, several options are available:

  • One off consultations.

    • General training guidance.

    • Assistance with specific issues.

  • Longer term training programmes:

    • Weekly​.

    • Bi-weekly.

    • Monthly.

    • Block periodisation based.

    • Event based.

  • Power data analysis for self coached riders.

  • Workshops for groups, clubs or teams:

    • Bespoke - custom as required.

    • Training theory.​

    • Training with power.

    • Racing preparation and effective execution.

    • Nutrition.

  • Training camp planning.

  • Practical sessions.

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Basic nutritional support is provided as part of any of the coaching services, with detailed nutritional planning and advice available as required:

  • On-line or one-to-one consultation.

  • Comprehensive analysis of dietetic and nutritional needs.

  • Body Composition assessment.

  • Individualised food plan adjusted to needs/goals.

  • Recipe suggestions.

  • Sweat test guidelines and analysis of results. 

  • Nutrition/hydration for optimised recovery. 

  • Nutrition to optimise training adaptations.

  • Personalised guidelines for nutrition and hydration before, during and after races. 

  • Assessment of gastrointestinal issues. before/during/after exercise.

  • Supplementation guidelines.

Strength & Conditioning

We have a fully equipped gym, which can be used for sessions and coaching as needed.  S&C is an integral part of all bespoke coaching programmes, but advice and programmes also available on a stand alone basis.

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