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Metabolic Profiling


A process utilised by many word tour teams, metabolic profiling allows full optimisation of the training adaptation process.  We have partnered with INSCYD and utilise their unique software to develop a detailed metabolic fingerprint of each rider. Performance is composed of a variety of components and metrics, however, if you only focus on a single metric (eg FTP), then accurate optimisation and training focus can become difficult.


With a metabolic profile the interactions between your different energy systems is fully evaluated and understood.  The following metrics are measured/quantified:


The maximum oxygen uptake within the aerobic metabolism during exercise.

Glycolitic Capacity (VLamax)


The maximum lactate production rate from the glycolitic energy system.

Maximum Lactate Steady State (MLSS)


The intensity at which the lactate production rate equals lactate combustion rate.

Aerobic Fuel Usage (fat/carb)

The maximum fat combustion rate, together with associated intensity, during aerobic exercise and the intensity at which carbohydrate combustion matches the maximal uptake of carbohydrates.

Lactate Accumulation and Recovery.

The relationship between lack of pyruvate (LOP) and the lactate accumulation curve

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